Oleum Khaos’ low cost Business Assistance Services are targeted at small or medium sized commercial organisations or private individuals.

New clients receive a 50% discount on your first project, so it’s worth making your first project a reasonable size!

Details of the services can be found in the sections below.

Oleum Khaos aims to make commissioning of these services as easy as possible, by providing clients with a suitable contract and using PayPal Business, for receiving payments.

Oleum Khaos’ Directors’ experience extends to over 50 years in the hydrocarbon industry and property development (in the form of quantity surveying). This includes working overseas, which means working with diverse cultures to achieve the desired objectives; working with consultancies plus operating companies and dealing with international satellite offices.

Project Management and, more specifically, Team Management, are key skills that are available to clients, as well as Interim Management.

A highly recommended service is the “cold evaluation / review” whereby Oleum Khaos completes an independent review of your specific project or business. See the Project Management section below.

The Directors are well-versed in seeking-out, capturing and evaluating all forms of data; whether it’s a small, couple of hours task, or a major project. See the Data section below.

The Directors’ hobbies include digital video and digital image photo-book compilation, although it should be said, not to top professional standards. See the relevant section below.

Lastly, the Directors have undertaken several Social Media campaigns using, for example, Facebook and Google (for advertising). If you’d like low cost assistance in evaluating, or establishing, an online campaign, please get in touch.

No project is too small, so do get in touch to discuss your requirements.


Jeremy has managed teams and projects since 1983. The projects range from simple advertising campaigns to multi-year, multi-agency plus multi-country (for example, 11 of the Former Soviet Union republics with a team of 15 people).

Having worked for an international consultancy (Gaffney, Cline & Associates) plus an international oil company (Hess), before setting up Oleum Khaos and working with numerous cultures and management systems, Jeremy can quickly assess and understand your requirements.

Jeremy is a generalist with 30+ years’ experience, whose most useful skill is evaluating your project, identifying the strengths and weaknesses then recommending improvements; recognising that change-management often hinders achieving optimal results.

Reviewing projects or documents, such as contracts or reports, is a key skill which is available.

A recent commission involved reviewing a valuation expert’s reports, commissioned by a legal team, to understand the validity of the expert’s conclusions. OKL concluded that the expert’s conclusions were far from robust and self-defeating for the legal team that commissioned him! Sadly the legal team had already acted on the expert’s conclusions and the legal challenge was (erroneously) withdrawn.

Interim Manager

Jeremy is also available to act as an interim manager for example covering a short-term lack of your staff’s availability. Numerous Agencies offer this service; however, you can save expensive day rate mark-ups by contacting Jeremy direct.

If you have an idea of how much budget you have available for either a project management or interim management commission, contact us to discuss whether OKL can assist and if so, how cost effective it’s likely to be.

Data is key to almost all businesses, so understanding data is fundamental. In the oil and construction businesses, where OKL’s extensive experience has been gained, large investments hinge on proper understanding of data.

No data project is too small, although if you have a large data project this may be beyond OKL’s current capabilities, but get in contact to check first. OKL can provide basic data capture and formatting together with screening.

As part of a recent client project, OKL obtained approximately 80,000 property valuation records in order to validate a third party’s evaluation of property value trends, in certain geographic areas. This led to the conclusion that the third party had too narrowly constrained their analysis, which was actually counter-productive, plus had not included all of the available data!

This service is primarily targeted at private individuals or small businesses. It isn’t intended to be a professional photography / videography service.

Jill Daines regularly compiles photo-books using online applications together with uploaded digital images. She’s experienced in basic image editing and image composition into impressive looking coffee-table format books. So, if you’d like your digital images composed into a photo-book, get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Jeremy Daines has been shooting and editing digital video since 2003. If you have digital video that needs editing into a final project, please get in touch. This isn’t a professional video service for broadcast video, but is more than sufficient for personal, or even small businesses, plus online use such as YouTube, Facebook, or your own website. You could find some fairly early OKL material on YouTube if you search for Oleum Khaos.

Oleum Khaos uses social media to promote the company, such as through Facebook, Linked-in and Google. The Directors also use platforms, such as Facebook, for personal campaigns for example “Environment Energy” and the “International Ducati Sport Classic & Paul Smart LE Riders”, amongst others.

Facebook’s advertising model is very powerful and can be very cost effective for businesses or individuals. OKL can help you, or set up, your Facebook “presence” including advertising.

OKL’s Directors use Google’s Blogger App to publish articles which are then referenced from Facebook, Twitter and Linked-in. This works well for several reasons; Blogger, being a Google App should be referenced quicker than non-Google Apps, plus it provides a central robust one-stop-shop for your promotions or soap-box issues.

So, if you’d like low cost assistance with your social media advertising, do get in touch.