Jeremy Daines

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Jeremy is the Managing Director and Chief Petrophysicist, having more than 30 years’ experience in the upstream oil & gas industry, plus over 20 years’ Management experience.

Brief  Technical Biography

Jeremy‘s upstream oil and gas experience commenced in the early 1980s, working for Exploration Logging Inc. as a Wellsite Geologist (or “Mud Logger”) in South-east Asia. He worked on wells for Occidental in Pakistan, Cities in Sri Lanka, Unocal & Shell in Thailand, Marathon in Indonesia and lastly, Phillips in China.

Then followed a return to Academia, undertaking the Master of Science in Exploration Petroleum Geology at Imperial College in London.

Subsequently, Jeremy spent time working in the UK North Sea as an Operations/Wellsite Geologist with Amoco before joining Gaffney, Cline & Associates as a Geoscientist/Petrophysicist. Therein followed 14 years of international consultancy spanning detailed technical work, presenting courses, project management and exposure to exploration, appraisal, development, unitisation, redetermination, plus mergers & acquisitions; in fact, the full (upstream) Monty. Linked to this is the ability to write a top quality technical report with prioritized conclusions & recommendations; the ability to critically review reports & data, plus well-honed peer assist/peer review skills.

Since 2003, Jeremy has worked as an independent advisor for Hess, Perenco, Talisman & Centrica plus spent 6 years working as a Petrophysical Advisor for Hess in London. During the latter tenure he was the Chief Advisor to SamaraNafta, in Russia and worked on Algerian clastics, complex Egyptian turbidites, the Cambo & Rosebank West of Shetland discoveries and ran the well planning, core plus log programmes for the phase-1 exploration wells on the Australian NW Shelf.

In the last few years Jeremy has derived a new permeability model for the Claymore field; created a new core-to-log integration solution for complex cemented sands in the Scapa field and lastly, reviewed a large East Irish Sea gas field’s data & identified the likely cause of inaccurate parameters feeding into the reservoir properties.

More recently, Jeremy constructed Low-Mid-High estimates of shale volume, porosity & saturation in 100+ old onshore Romanian wells, using the SP, BKZ and in a few wells, focussed Laterologs.

More details on his extensive worldwide multi-disciplined experience, his technical CV, together with some atypical technical insights, can be found in the Petrophysical section.

Brief Management Biography

Jeremy’s international, multi-cultural experience, in particular project management, plus attention to detail; are available in the form of Business Assistance and/or Interim Management.

Jeremy recently advised (on a commercial basis) a group of local residents whose legal advisor had commissioned an expert to review property values over time.  It transpired the expert’s conclusions were not as robust as had been thought and Jeremy recommended an alternative, more thorough approach.

Jeremy’s business strengths include:

Project Management / Interim Management.

Attention to detail.

Evaluating a range of options before selecting an optimum approach.

Presentations & Training.

Team / Staff Evaluation & Motivation, including performance management.

Change Management.

See the Business Assistance Section for more details.